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1. Roads condition

Generally, roads are in normal condition thus you don't need to be an experienced driver or to rent a 4x4.

2. Road Safety

Roads are not dangerous but you have to pay attention to the bicycles, horses, 50s American cars...

It is therefore recommended to drive around 100 Km/h and during daylight as roads are poorly lit.

3. Airport or downtown pick-up?

In most towns, car hire companies have offices both in the city center and at the airport. So it is not necessary to pick the car at the airport if you're already in town.

When staying in Havana, we advise to:

- pick the vehicle only when you're leaving for the province (it is not necessary to have the car while staying in the city considering you can use taxis or 50s American cars)

- drop the vehicle in town if you plan to spend the last night in Havana.

4. No sign posts?

There are indeed few sign posts but there are not many roads in Cuba, so there is no risk of getting lost.

Only Havana's exit is a bit complicated: don't hesitate to regularly ask for your way when approaching the motorway's entry.

5. Vehicle or Bus?

Below are some arguments that might help you make up your mind:

- Roads are safe (no attacks nor corrupt police officers ...) & Cuban people drive carefully

- Local population doesn't live near seaside places, so there is no public bus service (Cayo Levisa for instance).

- The driving is pleasant as there are few cars on the roads.

- Taxis are expensive (you must allow about 100 CUC for a 2-hour ride between Havana and Vinales)

- Buses are not « folkloric »

As Viazul buses are air conditionned and on time, you will first and foremost take them. But as they can only be paid in pesos convertibles, they are too expensive for many Cubans and are consequently only frequented by tourists. Please also note that these buses don't stop at every city (please check timetables on

But please keep in mind that:

- Cars are not new.

6. Road Map

Click on the free link on our site's homepage « Download Cuba's road map ».

To enjoy a better use, we advise you to download the map on your tablet or ipad.

7. Gas Stations and Fuel's Cost

There are gas stations opened 24h throughout the island allowing normal supply.

The cost of fuel is similar to the one in France.

8. GPS

GPS are not allowed in Cuba.

We advise you to download for free our road map on your tablet or ipad.

9. Baby Seat

This option must be paid for directly with the car hire company

Car hire companies don't guarantee this option and it is difficult to buy a baby seat in Cuba. We then advise you to take your own baby seat with you.

10. Driving License National or International?

The two licenses are accepted (not a photocopy).

11. Optimize the time of pick up (Havana)

In high season (all year except June and September), it is wise to get his car in the offices of the lessor at the airport (lots of cars) or in the Miramar district (few clients).

In Old Havana offices where most travelers are concentrated, however, it is "normal" wait 2 hours to get his car.

12. Car Insurance Required?

The car insurance is unique and mandatory.

Even if you have a credit card with all insurance included, you must pay the Cuban insurance.       NovelaCuba sur Facebook   NovelaCuba sur Instagram