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1. 3 Persons Max./Room

Generally speaking, rooms in hotels or guesthouses can accommodate a maximum of 3 persons: 2 adults + 1 child or 3 adults.

2. Prices

What do the prices include?

Depending on the selected price, you will be accommodated on the basis of breakfast, half-board, full board or all inclusive.

Please note that household linen is provided in guesthouses.

What do the prices exclude?

Some hotels will ask you to pay locally for extra services, such as boat transfers to go to Cayo Levisa or Guama, or activities (diving and so on).

Regarding foreign credit cards: the debit is made in France, in Euros, at the exchange rate imposed by our bank.

Exchange rate cannot be the subject of any claim.

3. Guesthouses

Our guesthouses are always located in city centers and most of them have private bathroom and toilets.

Breakfast is usually included in our prices. You can take other meals in your guesthouse, to pay directly to the owners.

You don't have to worry about your time of arrival at the guesthouse since your room is prepaid. It means the owner won't give your room to another client.

Household linen is provided.       NovelaCuba sur Facebook   NovelaCuba sur Instagram